Upping dbol dose

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you don't have to get clever bro, especially if this is a first cycle. you'll get good results, don't try and get ALL of your results in a single cycle. Use this time as a learning curve to see how you are effected by the compounds you are using... are you getting significant bloat from 40 mg dbol? are you gyno prone? are you paying attention to your diet and dialing it in? this type of info will help you plan out future cycles... patience is as much a virtue in this game as discipline...

That's an interesting point. I think that it's always best to increase the cycle in some way each time; for example, if the first cycle was 500mg test and you want to add deca to the 2nd one; most people recommend a min of 400mg deca, so following the 2:1 rule you'd have to up your test to 800mg anyway. Now this is a fairly high dose for your second cycle but with a good few weeks off afterwards you should still be responsive to the same amount for your 3rd cycle (or you could switch it for tren). I'd hazard a guess that you should be able to gain well off around total grams for your first few cycles by just switching up the 2nd med

FYI - Adex is an AI, this is an Aromatase Inhibitor. Aromatase is the enzyme that turns Extra Testosterone into the female hormone Oestrogen. If you Inhibit Aromatase with an AI, you stop this conversion happening - much more effective than blocking the estrogen from working in small amounts with Nolvadex or Clomid etc..
Use it - even if your mate says you dont need it, you do.
If you want a source that legally sells it as a liquid suspension for research testing purposes, which if you ingest and break the law is your business... PM me.

Upping dbol dose

upping dbol dose