Tbolt usa review

Range performance was excellent. Equipped with a Leupold Vari-X III -5X in Talley rings and on Browning bases, the T-Bolt was an easy to shoot and highly portable rimfire varminter. Loading the magazine takes a little getting used to for shooters accustomedto conventional single-column .22 magazines. The trigger action was excellent and has an adjustment for overtravel. Right from the box, the trigger broke cleanly at approximately 3 lbs. The 22" barrel is fairly heavy and is completely free-floated, both doubtless contributing to the very good accuracy the gun exhibited. Three loads were fired, producing an overall average of just over one inch ("). There were also a couple of sub-1" groups including a best of ". Obviously, a careful evaluation of other loads might yield even better accuracy.

I did not have any problems with the new, Winchester-made ammo in terms of reliability or load consistency. However, it appears to be slightly lower powered than the comparable Hornady offering. From the T-Bolt’s ” barrel it was averaging 2449 fps/226 ft/lbs, whereas the Hornady 17 was doing 2505 fps/237 ft/lb. At 200 this drops to 2119 fps/170 ft/lbs and 2171 fps/178 ft/lbs respectively. Not a lot in it and still more than twice the energy of a 22 LR sub-sonic at 100-yards and that can kill rabbits and hares all day long. I would imagine a 20” tube would up the Winchester to around the 2500 fps mark.

Tbolt usa review

tbolt usa review


tbolt usa reviewtbolt usa reviewtbolt usa reviewtbolt usa reviewtbolt usa review