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That’s because studies have found over 53% of steroids sold on the internet to be fake. It’s very dangerous to be injecting something that you aren’t sure about what is in it.   Buy legal steroids online here.

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You are 100% right. It’s unfortunate that many children at the high school at age level have died because of this. What will be will be. I think the doctors are to blame for giving out Mass amounts of pills. Then cutting everybody off the pills and everybody sits back and enjoys the profits of Suboxone. While the elderly and people in severe pain will be looked at like a junkie from the street or a pill Seeker. Why does my grandparents pills that they have been taking for many many years have to be lowered and subject them to more pain than they already were in to begin with. Just to appease and and make parents of dead children feel better. My grandparents never picked up a needle and have never tried heroin. For them to be affected by the streets and other people’s decision is just not fair. I have friends in severe pain that are handicapped. They are now being treated like criminals or drug addicts. They have been on the same dose for many years. The doctors have offered to move the medication up time and time again. But my friend does not want to increase his dose of medication because he’s already feeling bad about himself because he’s on such a high dose to begin with. Now Governor weld wants to make some parents happy when it’s already too late because they have lost their children. It sounds like Roger Goodell is in charge of the opiate crisis in Massachusetts. It just doesn’t make sense anyway you look at it. They should at least make sense when prescribing. One day they want to give you a higher dose and the next day after the signing of this bill. They want to cut your dose in half. When your medical condition has not changed one bit it actually has only progressed and gotten worse. Most people on these medications there illness does not ever get better once the damage is done it usually can only stay the same or slow the progression. So I don’t understand how a problem caused from the streets can affect so many normal law-abiding citizens and elderly patients. As bad as I feel for the parents who have lost children. It’s too late to try to make them happy. The damage has been done.

New steroids pills

new steroids pills


new steroids pillsnew steroids pillsnew steroids pillsnew steroids pillsnew steroids pills