My supps anabolic bcaa powder 300g

Hey Martin, thanks for keeping the posts coming I love your site. I have been doing IF for a few months now and train in a fasted state and I love it. My usual day is up at 7 work for 9 at Gym by 5:30pm and then start my window around 7pm, I realize I am not utilizing the 8 hour window completely but I find I don't need it. I am generally good eating one large meal at 7pm and then something again at 9pm. I do not have any problems with hunger and surprisingly my energy levels are much better than when I was doing that 6 meals a day junk. Recently the person I train with has switched jobs and it looks like our work outs will be pushed back to closer to 6:30pm or 7:00pm. My initial thought was that I will eat after work, go to the gym, and then eat again after the gym. The problem is I really enjoy fasted training and fear that if I eat pre-training I will get lazy and not have the drive that I have when I am fasted (it's like a subconscious goal to push hard to get to that meal when I train fasted). Would it be too much if I wasn't eating until 9pm some nights? because realistically I will be turning the 8 hour window into more of a 2 hour window and also will be eating right before I go to sleep which concerns me a bit. Maybe I am worrying to much! I love IF and bad work gets in the way! haha.

any input would be appreciated.


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used too. just any cheap capsules I could get my hands on. Muscle building and muscle recovery, protein synthesis and production of energy, However I get most of my bcaa's in my shakes so I stopped using the capsules, but the main reason I stopped the capsules is because of this new supp called BLOX it contains silk amino acids which are supposed to be like the new breed of BCAA... Only thing is I cant tell you how it really helps me because I am on cycle. But as long as I am getting what my body needs it makes me feel complete and yes this should be a fundemental part of you supps

My supps anabolic bcaa powder 300g

my supps anabolic bcaa powder 300g


my supps anabolic bcaa powder 300gmy supps anabolic bcaa powder 300gmy supps anabolic bcaa powder 300gmy supps anabolic bcaa powder 300gmy supps anabolic bcaa powder 300g