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“I’ve been getting asked left and right about Jon Jones situation.
Well I’ll say this…
I learned from my mistakes when UFC cut me the first time.
I can’t speak on if he’ll ever learn but as far as fight results, steroids will make you bigger, faster, stronger but not your IQ…
Jon cheated but his fight IQ was still sharp!
He set . up for that head kick by doing the low kicks and liver kicks.
Think about that for a second…” – Anthony “Rumble” Johnson

It was a history making moment, but it left the UFC with a problem. McGregor would be putting both weight classes on hold if they allowed him to carry on with two titles. Then McGregor announced he was taking time off because his girlfriend was pregnant. Then the main event of UFC 206 fell apart, and the UFC desperately needed to spice up the card. That lead to them stripping McGregor of the featherweight title, giving it back to Jose Aldo (who had won the interim title while McGregor was off on his adventures with Nate Diaz), and letting Anthony Pettis and Max Halloway fight for the  new interim featherweight title at UFC 206. Did you follow all that? Good.

Joe rogan ufc steroids

joe rogan ufc steroids


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