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Dear representative,

I would like to express my sincere Thank you for the wonderful tour we just attended-Imperial China (May 30-June13).

We made this trip from Pittsburgh PA, USA ,taking off from Cleveland,OH.

Such a great trip, wonderful itinerary and excellent tour guides everywhere..

We absolutely love it!

We would like to give special Thanks to our Beijing local guide Susanna and our national tour guide Kevin Chen.

They both have a great personality,they made this tour very love to China filled up our hearts and we want to come back...

Please let them know they are wonderful!

Now I'm looking forward to another tour and will bring more people form Pittsburgh.( Flight from Pittsburgh to Toronto would be more convenient). I will definitely recommend your tour agency to everyone who might be interested in .

Looking forward to see more of China would like to visit Great wall and take a high speed magnetic train in Shanghai, but scenery would be my first choice. Can you recommend anything?

I also wondering if you have any tour to Tibet?

Thank you so mach again and looking forward to hear from you.

Best ,

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Import steroids china

import steroids china


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