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Our sport has reached a dangerous crossroad, where it seems that too many athletes (pro and amateur) have become walking time bombs, with the prospect of a future lived in poor health (or worse) being the only trophy they can look forward to. Consider the following lifestyle: use liberal amounts of steroids, growth hormone and insulin; kick in an array of exotic substances for God knows what; add huge quantities of food every two hours that severely overtax the human digestive system; throw in a heavy dose of painkillers (some narcotic in nature); adopt an MO that requires dropping 40 or 50 pounds twice a year in a 12-week period; peak on contest day by means of diuretics so as to be bone dry and severely dehydrated. We don’t have to fund a Harvard research project to figure out that such a regimen is a recipe for physical disaster.

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Ifbb pro without steroids

ifbb pro without steroids


ifbb pro without steroidsifbb pro without steroidsifbb pro without steroidsifbb pro without steroidsifbb pro without steroids