How many mma fighters are on steroids

Joanna “JJ” Jedrzejczyk is a 28-year old Polish fighter. She started training in Muay Thai when she was a teenager and joined competitions after some time. JJ has a kickboxing record of 27 wins and 2 losses, and a mixed martial arts record of 11 wins and zero losses. Also, she competed in Muay Thai for a decade where she won 70 matches, 6 world Championships, and four Championships in Europe. Just last month, she starred in a reality show, The Ultimate Fighter 23 , where she was the head coach. However, she said she is unhappy with how she is being portrayed in the show.

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"Diego Sanchez's best days may be behind him. But he's as much a walking tip of the cap to old-school MMA as anyone on the UFC roster. He's a fearless brawler who had a bout named Fight of the Year three times. He had a string of five matches in which he won Fight of the Night honors four times, capped by his all-time-great UFC 166 slugfest against Gilbert Melendez . Whether you favor 'The Dream,' 'The Nightmare' or 'Lionheart' as his moniker of choice, few fighters have ever brought fans to their feet with the same regularity as Albuquerque's native son." - Murphy

How many mma fighters are on steroids

how many mma fighters are on steroids


how many mma fighters are on steroidshow many mma fighters are on steroidshow many mma fighters are on steroidshow many mma fighters are on steroidshow many mma fighters are on steroids