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If you haven’t heard or played it, Quantum Break is essentially a game that’s about time manipulation. What capable modders took out of this is the ability to slow down and stop time. It doesn’t add much in the way of powers but this one power can provide you interesting instances of slow-mo and stop time madness. Imagine a scene where 3 police cars are are coming at you, 3 police officers are already shooting, all the while an exploding helicopter is crashing in the middle. What do you do? Stop time, watch the epic scene, walk circles around them and aim a perfect shot at their heads at point-blank range. Move a safe distance, unfreeze and marvel at your epic power.

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Gta 5 online steroids

gta 5 online steroids


gta 5 online steroidsgta 5 online steroidsgta 5 online steroidsgta 5 online steroidsgta 5 online steroids