East german trabi

The second family goes beyond the sentimental sound and encompasses a range of modifications. These range from a thorough upgrade of the car's traction to a complete engine replacement, leaving only the body to hide a modern and powerful car underneath (for example, the Sascha Fiss Volkswagen Lupo GTI [28] ). Another popular modification is to combine a Trabant with a Japanese superbike engine, like that in the Suzuki Hayabusa (a combination known as Trabusa ). Some of these cars have a rated power of over 150 hp (112 kW). The car's light weight gives a power-to-weight ratio of 11 lb/hp (149 W/kg), allowing these vehicles to achieve performance comparable to modern mid-range sports cars .

Mr. SUNUNU: Well, let me say this, which I think is a very important part of the historical record. George Herbert Walker Bush was really very focused and concerned about not making things difficult for Gorbachev and the Russians as they moved through this process and not putting into the context of gloating, which may give Gorbachev some difficulty with his military back in the Soviet Union. And so frankly, we had been talking so much about trying to maintain that frame of reference in the whole process that we almost talked ourselves into the context that we weren't going to assume it was over till it was over.

East german trabi

east german trabi


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