East german shepherd breeders

During the 1850s, attempts were being made to standardize dog breeds. [41] Dogs were being bred to preserve traits that assisted in their job of herding sheep and protecting their flocks from predators. [26] In Germany this was practiced within local communities, where shepherds selected and bred dogs. It was recognized that the breed had the necessary skills for herding sheep, such as intelligence, speed, strength and keen senses of smell. [26] The results were dogs that were able to do such things, but that differed significantly, both in appearance and ability, from one locality to another. [41]

The German Shepherd Dog Club of India , Chennai Chapter (affiliated to the Kennel Club of India) opens membership to ardent lovers of the German Shepherd Dog Breed. The Club aims to create a greater awareness about the breed, conduct training classes for the GSD Show Enthusiasts, give guidance for proper breeding by creating a stud dog directory and help GSD buyers find proper puppies/dogs depending on their individual needs and budgets. Video Shows of the major German Shepherd Dog Shows in the World will also be arranged.
For membership forms, copies of the Rules of the Club and other details please contact: Mrs. Kala Krishna, The Honorary Secretary, German Shepherd Club of India Chennai Chapter, # 6 Kasturi Estate First Street, Alwarpet, Chennai-600 018. 

East german shepherd breeders

east german shepherd breeders


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