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With the latest generation of the patented uvex Bamboo TwinFlex® and the use of Dyneema® Diamond , two high-performance cut protection technologies (in accordance with EN 388:2016 cut protection level C and D ) for uvex safety gloves are now available. The strategic partnership with the .-based hand protection specialists HexArmor also expands our cut protection range. The patented SuperFabric® technology used in many HexArmor products, offers a very high degree of cut resistance and above all puncture resistance. This means that the products are perfectly suited to being used for industrial food processing applications.

The Pope proceeds to the Confession of St. Peter and beginning the Mass. After the Kyrie , while the Emperor and Empress lie prostrate before the Confession, the Archdeacon sings the Litany of the Saints. The Emperor and Empress then rise and go to the Altar of St. Maurice where the Cardinal Bishop of Ostia anoints the Emperor with the Oil of the Catechumens on his right forearm and on the nape of his neck, while he says the prayers, "Lord God Almighty with whom is all power..." and "God the Son of God..." The Cardinal Bishop of Ostia then says the prayer, "God who alone has immortality..." for the Empress and then anoints her on the breast with the Oil of the Catechumens while he says, "The grace of the Holy Spirit through my humble ministry descend upon you copiously..."

Pinna nobilis has become threatened with extinction, partly due to overfishing, the decline in seagrass fields, and pollution. As it has declined so dramatically, the once small but vibrant sea silk industry has almost disappeared, and the art is now preserved only by a few women on the island of Sant'Antioco near Sardinia . Chiara Vigo claimed on various media to be the sole person living today to master the art of working with byssus [22] [23] and the local people helped her to open the Sea Silk Museum in Sant'Antioco which was closed following a building code dispute with the local government. [24] The 'Project Sea-Silk' from the Natural History Museum of Basel [25] is collecting extensive data and studies on the subject, and informs the public that a couple other women still produce and work today with byssus in Sant'Antioco in Sardinia, such as the sisters Assuntina e Giuseppina Pes which contradicts the claims of Chiara Vigo who is credited as having "invented with an extraordinary imagination her own story of sea-silk and [spinning] it tirelessly and to the delight of all media on and on". [26] In 2013, Efisia Murroni, a 100 year old sea-silk master weaver nicknamed "la signora del bisso" (born in 1913) died and her work is now shown in the Museo Etnografico di Sant'Antioco, with other artefacts being already on display in various museums throughout Europe. [27]

East german gloves

east german gloves


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