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LaPine, Oregon was selected as our bivouac area. It is a tiny village on the border of the High Desert and within sight of the snowcapped Three Sisters and Batchelor Mountains of the Cascade Range. Who will ever forget those hot days, heavy with the fresh Scent of pine, icy cold nights typical of the desert country, swimming in the cold Deschutes River winding its way from the snowy mountain tops to the Columbia River, and sun baths along its grassy banks? There was work, too. Cutting, trimming, and hauling logs for telephone and communication poles from the pine forests around our bivouac area. These poles were hauled all over the Oregon Maneuver Area, some trips requiring three days traveling time. Roads were constructed through the hot, dusty desert. Officers and men were granted passes to Bend, Oregon. One can never forget those delicious T-bone steaks, tasty baking, and the lack of beer.

East german combat pack

east german combat pack


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