East german camo

As of the early 2010s, the chocolate-chip pattern is still in widespread use across the world, long after the United States abandoned it. A uniform similar to the Desert Battle Dress Uniform was issued to the Iraqi National Guard before it was dissolved in 2004 and to the Iraqi security forces. South Korean forces have used, in limited numbers since 1993, a variant with brown replacing the black in the American design; this South Korean design has also been tested in the United Arab Emirates . The Oman National Guard use a pattern mixing chocolate-chip with 'amoeba', while the National Guards of both Saudi Arabia and Kuwait use a grey variation on the chocolate-chip design. The Saudis also use a grey, black, and white 'urban' variation and the police wear a blue version of the same design; Palestinian police also use a blue chocolate-chip patterned uniform. The South African " Soldier 2000 " pattern is similar to the American design. A copy of the pattern, using tan, medium brown, bottle-green and greyish green , in addition to the black-on-white pebbles, is used in Kazakhstan .

East german camo

east german camo


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