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In effort to list a protocol for the use of GHRP / GRF / and in combo with GH if desired I thought I would post my current protocol based upon the research I have done within the last year or so. Obviously the information I gathered is not based on medical studies completed by me but I do use the following protocol myself and have been pretty damed impressed with the results. Recovery from injury is very impressive to me (any kind of injury). Example, 5 days ago I was lifted by the butt of a tree I cut down (long story). I had bruising and some serious raspberry on my under arm, left quad and my abs ( the but of the tree ran right up the front of my once it got under my arm it lifted me and tossed me about 10 feet through the air). Its been 5 days and all that is left of the raspberries are some faint red marks......amazing IMO.

Taking HGH and steroids should always be done with care and consideration. Don’t stop taking them suddenly or change dosages without proper medical consent.
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  In terms of using human growth hormone , it is important to note that using ‘moderate’ doses don’t often provide high levels of growth in the muscles – this is why competitive athletes are often at a higher risk of side effects.

Hi Conor: It may be true that protein supplementation improves muscle size. This doesn’t mean that it helps muscle function and it ignores the fact that animal foods and protein are harmful to our kidneys and arterial system in both the long and short run. It is nice to keep seeing science that supports our design as hind gut fermenting herbivores(plant eaters) who have evolved with a longer small intestine and more amylase genes(to digest starches) than great apes who are genetically our closest relatives. It is also a reasonable hypothesis that if we follow a plant based diet our only exposure to animal protein would be our mothers milk when we are rapidly growing important systems including our brain. So it makes sense to me animal protein would be designed to promote growth for our earliest years. The other reason that eating meat may help build muscle size is the use of androgenic steroids in meat see video.. http:///video/anabolic-steroids-in-meat/ . This means that folks who are eating alot of meat are basically doping. Dr. Greger has posted over 100 videos on meat on his website. An example of a very successful endurance plant based athlete is Scott Jurek who wrote the book, Eat and Run, and was featured in the book, Born to Run. Congratulations on following a dietary path that should maximize your function-ability and minimize future disease as long as you insure adequate B12 intake (see video series in February of this year). Best wishes.

Buy igf-1 steroids

buy igf-1 steroids


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