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You say: “I admit I didn’t expect the stock to reach before ESMO, don’t expect it to move much higher without something new (Japan deal, phenomenal CABOSUN data, intriguing PD1 combo data or of course M&A)”
Yes, fair enough. However, there is a very high probability that a Japan deal will be announced soon OR that a Japanese company will acquire EXEL. Also, given what MammaRoche is doing you can safely expect intriguing PD1 combo data . Moreover CABOSUN data should indeed be very solid (or phenomenal).
No wonder that the stock is at 15$…

With the help of his attorney Brett Carnegie, he is currently fighting his extradition to Nicosia/Cyprus, which issued his warrant of arrest through INTERPOL. In order not to be deported and/or serve any jail time, he will try to enter a plea bargain with the prosecution by agreeing to plead guilty and turn state witness, in exchange he will disclose all information regarding his past and present business associates. The suspect Brian Wainstein has also hired the services of a personal bodyguard, no doubt to protect himself from his associates and other people that will want to keep him silent. He has recently removed his number plates from his dark blue BMW 750 Li, which he had personalized and registered as "SHAMROCK WP". It is believed that he might have sold that car and went and bought himself a new identical model, a new BLACK BMW 750 Li, with registration CA 966987.

Study 1 compared ZINBRYTA to 30 mcg weekly intramuscular doses of AVONEX in 1841 patients. The study included RMS patients who had either: 1) at least 2 relapses during the prior 3 years and at least one relapse in the year prior to randomization ; or 2) one or more clinical relapses and one or more new T1 gadolinium (Gd)-enhancing or T2 hyperintense MRI lesions within the prior 2 years with at least one of these events in the prior 12 months. Patients with progressive forms of multiple sclerosis or an Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) score greater than 5 were excluded. Treatment continued for up to 144 weeks until the last enrolled patient completed 96 weeks of treatment. Clinical assessments were to occur every 12 weeks and after relapse events. MRI scans were performed at Week 24 and Week 96.

Buy biogen steroids

buy biogen steroids


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