Biogenesis steroids list

The truth is that there is no deterrent for baseball players to stop taking steroids. Will A-Rod, if suffering the same fate as Braun, have to give back any of his millions? Does Braun have to give back his MVP honor? Oh, he's giving up a piddly $ million of the five-year, $105 million extension he signed in 2011? How tragic. How about known alleged dopers, like Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire or Sammy Sosa — have they been removed from the record books? Have there been any long-term health ramifications for using performance-enhancing drugs? It’s not like retired baseball graybeards are dying off like former WWE wrestlers who (possibly) doped.

ESPN’s sources are saying things again . Currently, these things are being said about New York Yankees slugger (read: he’s muscular) Robinson Cano. Yes, these things are of the steroid and/or PED variety. Yes, there is legitimate speculation that Robinson Cano was a client of Biogenesis, the clinic that brought us the A-Rod and Ryan Braun scandal-y scandals. This doesn’t come out of nowhere , as there was a somewhat believable rumor circulating earlier, that we actually found credible enough to mention on our esteemed internet space.

Biogenesis steroids list

biogenesis steroids list


biogenesis steroids listbiogenesis steroids listbiogenesis steroids listbiogenesis steroids listbiogenesis steroids list