Anabolic capsules products

A naturally occurring plant extract with such potent anabolic muscle building effects it’s commonly referred to as a plant steroid. It increases protein synthesis, nitrogen retention and muscle ATP content, giving you a triple whammy to completely turbo charge your muscle gains. A Russian study found the effects of 20-Hydroxyecdysterone are so powerful that it has as greater anabolic effect on contractile proteins of muscle than Dianabol itself. Contractile proteins are the force generators of muscle contraction, so in other words, 20-Hydroxyecdysterone enables your muscles to work much harder during your workouts.

Grenade®AT4 can be taken along with most
other supplements but avoid other hormonal support supplements
with Grenade®AT4 as they will not improve the effects.
I’m in the military, can I use Grenade®AT4?
All Grenade®products (AT4®, .50 Calibre®, Reload®Protein
Flapjacks, Engage®and Thermo Detonator®) are formulated to
contain ingredients that are in accordance with UK food supplement
regulations and do not contain ‘medicinal’ ingredients. They
don’t contain substances like geranium / DMAA, ephedrine,
prohormones, steroids or other ingredients which have been banned
by the military and which can be found in other supplements.
Remember, Grenade Thermo Detonator®which was
originally designed for British Special Forces and
the military is, per capita, probably the biggest user
group of Grenade®products!
NOTE: ensure that you use the version of Grenade®AT4 that is
approved for sale in your country, as different countries may
have different versions. If you are a member of another country’s
military, you will have to discuss the ingredients in Grenade®AT4 with your armed forces’ testing authority)
I play competitive sports; can I use Grenade®AT4 if I am going to Ibe drug tested?
Grenade®AT4 conforms to the regulations laid down by the
relevant authorities to qualify as a legal food supplement and
doesn’t contain any ingredients that are banned by the World
Anti-Doping Agency. However, depending upon what your sporting
organization tests for and how they run their testing, it is possible
(although highly unlikely) that Grenade®AT4 may lead to a positive
test. Some sporting organizations may have more strict testing
protocols and ban other ingredients too. So all tested athletes
must consult with their drug testing authority before using any
supplement, including Grenade®AT4.
• Anabolic Devastation
• Formulated to support the body’s hormonal axis
• Enhanced: Exercise performance
– Muscle Pumps
– Recovery

Anabolic capsules products

anabolic capsules products


anabolic capsules productsanabolic capsules productsanabolic capsules productsanabolic capsules productsanabolic capsules products